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Strange Job

Maybe this would be a good job for the world’s homeless. Wanted: Professional Hermit for Cave-Dwelling Duty “LONDON (Reuters) – More than 200 years after they went out of fashion in Britain, professional hermits are back in the job market.”

Magic Axe

I’m glad David Gilmour made the top ten. 🙂 Hendrix Voted Greatest Guitarist “LONDON (Reuters) – Rock icon Jimi Hendrix has been voted the greatest guitarist of all time in a poll by a leading European guitar magazine Tuesday. “

Move Over Dionysius (and Bacchus,Too)

Women to Worship Goddess of Beer “LONDON (Reuters) – British beer lovers have enlisted the support of a Sumerian goddess in their efforts to shake off the masculine image of their favorite tipple. “

You Gettin' Fat, Honey?

Woman delivers baby after learning of surprise pregnancy