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Oil For Food Means Investigation for Money

I’m glad some effort is being made to keep the U.N. accountable. Congress May Block UN Budget Over Oil-for-Food Probe More than 100 members of Congress will try to block some United States funding of the United Nations unless U.S. officials are allowed to begin an open and complete investigation into a U.N. humanitarian program …

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Right! This Calls for Immediate Discussion!

Another Triumph for the U.N. The resolution passed, and it was a good day for alliance-nurturing and burden-sharing – for the burden of doing nothing was shared equally by all. And we are by now used to the pattern. Every time there is an ongoing atrocity, we watch the world community go through the same …

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Wrong Solution to Very Old Problem

UK Scholars Debate Boycott of Israel By Jill Lawless "Hundreds of European academics have called a boycott of Israeli universities to protest treatment of the Palestinians – a move that has led to the firing of two Israelis from British publications and prompted allegations of discrimination and intellectual censorship."