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Progressives, Conservatives, and Health Care Reform

As the final vote for the Democrats’ health care reform bill got closer, the frantic attempts by Republicans to stop it reminded me of a rather apt G.K. Chesterton quote. “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives […]

The Great Divide

The Politics of Partisan Neutrality Louis Bolce and Gerald De Maio Copyright (c) 2004 First Things 143 (May 2004): 9-12. “Americans who want to understand conflicts between Democrats and Republicans during the election season have received precious little help from the media. While reporters usually recognize that there is some sort of problem about ‘values’ …

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Hate Speech

I’ve read/heard mudslinging before, but I think this takes the cake. I’m kinda surprised to find this on an official government website. Fear and Loathing in the Mother Ship "Good afternoon, or, as John Kerry might say: ‘Bonjour! I’m sure you’ve already heard a good many speakers today and will hear a bunch more after …

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The Bus Stops Here (or At Least It Used To)

Ed Rendell seemingly did a terrific job as mayor of Philadelphia. Aside from his pro-choice stance on abortion, I thought he could do a good job as governor of Pennsylvania. Perhaps I was wrong. He’s really screwing the pooch on this public transportation cutback. He’s being very “un-Democrat”.

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An Earful

Just when I thought the cell phone cancer debate was over, this story comes along. I’m beginning to wonder if anything I use is still safe for me. *sigh* Phone Study: Holey Rat’s Brains? By Elisa Batista “In a study that may shed some light on whether cell-phone use is harmful to callers, Swedish scientists …

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