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Send In The Clones

Uh-oh, did George Lucas clone a library for Attack of the Clones? Jedi Archives Clones Long Room, Trinity Attacks “The above image is a shot of the Long Room Library, Trinity College of Dublin. Or is it? Actually it’s not, it’s an image of the Jedi Archives in the most recent episode of the Star …

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Evil Church

Why am I not surprised the DMCA is involved? Church, DMCA, and too many missing links By Molly Wood “How scary is the Church of Scientology? Well, I waffled on whether I should even write the column you’re about to read, because I figured I’d get CNET sued just by bringing up the topic. But …

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Global Village Idiocy

A Liberal Slant to the News? by Nat Hentoff In my experience, the two groups most acutely sensitive to criticism are cops and journalists. During the Giuliani years, fear of retribution was so great that some New Yorkers were hesitant to ask a cop for his or her badge number. As for journalists, Bernard Goldberg’s …

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