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Oil For Food Means Investigation for Money

I’m glad some effort is being made to keep the U.N. accountable. Congress May Block UN Budget Over Oil-for-Food Probe More than 100 members of Congress will try to block some United States funding of the United Nations unless U.S. officials are allowed to begin an open and complete investigation into a U.N. humanitarian program …

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A Study in Contrasts

I'm fascinated by bias and slant in the media. Here are two opposing spins on the same story. Vatican Has Not Denied Automatic Excommunication of John Kerry (LifeSiteNews) "News which broke yesterday about a Vatican consultant's response to a question about canon law application to Catholic politicians who support abortion, has created a media uproar …

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Big Black Marker

The Memory Hole has a scary example of document redaction going too far. The blacked-out text in this case was a quote from a Supreme Court decision which denounced the abuse of “domestic security” powers. The Memory Hole is a neat site whose purpose is “to preserve and spread material that is in danger of …

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AstroTurf Activism

Cut-and-Paste Propaganda Infiltrates Opinion Pages By Paul Farhi Reader, beware! Some of America’s newspapers have become unwitting conduits for campaign propaganda. Thanks to some nifty Internet technology, the campaigns of President Bush and John F. Kerry are making it easy for their supporters to pass off the campaigns’ talking points as just another concerned citizen’s …

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Lieutenant Kerry

A reader of mine wants to squash what he perceives as vicious lies concocted by "Bushies". To that end, here's the Snopes article on John Kerry's "fishy" medals. Snopes is a nonpartisan site whose purpose is to stop the circulation of urban legends and other misinformation.