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Reporting Tragedies, Raising Awareness, and Helping People

I got an interesting email from the American Progress Action Fund regarding news reports of tragic events, like the devastation wrought by Katrina. "Like many of you, for the past 48 hours we have been glued to our computers and televisions, watching this tragedy unfold. We applaud the efforts of our news media, in particular …

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Unnatural Disasters

Blogicus reminds us that the Khartoum regime of Sudan has killed almost 400,000 civilians. That’s about half of the death toll from the genocide in Rwanda. The deaths caused by the tsunamis – a natural disaster – happened nearly instantly in comparison to these murders. We can’t stop nature’s wrath, but we should have done …

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Guilty As Charged

Genocide in Darfur sparks outrage, but little action [T]he handwringing isn’t translating into action. In progress instead is a fresh mockery of that 1948 convention. A repeat of well-intentioned, feeble actions that failed to save 800,000 Rwandans a decade ago. I’ve been all talk and no action, just as this op/ed piece says. Well, I …

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“They are happy when they rape.” How do you put a headline on the suffering of thousands of women and girls? Pope sends special envoy to Sudan, expresses concern for crisis in Darfur