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May 11

Proper Christian Behavior

More Christians should read the writings of the early Church fathers. Admittedly, I have only begun to do so myself. The first half of the following should be read and reread periodically by all Christian bloggers. "Cultivate quietness in word, quietness in deed, likewise in speech and gait; and avoid impetuous eagerness. For then the …

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Apr 02

Pope John Paul II: A Legacy of Dignity

As the pope lay dying in his apartment, the 24-hour news machine buzzed with life throughout the night. Nearly all seemed to spend a great deal of time discussing the years before his health declined due to Parkinson’s Disease and other ailments. They showed video and photographs of his youth, admired his athleticism, and marvelled …

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Nov 13

Notable News in Science

Since one of Funky’s regular commentators here has diabetes, I thought that he and other readers would be interested in this article on a promising research on Type I diabetes. She calls attention to the fact that Type I diabetes is really an autoimmune disease, and the lack of insulin is really a symptom of …

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Jun 09

Intolerant Family

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced some of the familial anti-Catholicism this blogger describes. My mom is a bitter ex-Catholic and we often get into nasty arguments over religion. Compared the following situation, I’m quite lucky, though. My mother and I have a loving relationship filled with plenty of healthy communication. A good friend of mine had it …

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Apr 30

Bold Voice

Teen Punished for Speaking Against Homosexuality Wants Apology By Jim Brown April 29, 2004 “(AgapePress) – A Christian student is asking his Boone, North Carolina, high school to apologize for censoring his opposition to a pro-homosexual event on campus.” Unfortunately for this lad, court precedent says that a public school has the right to enforce …

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