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Stop Sucking

This must be one the stupidest, most asinine things I have ever encountered. "PITTSBURGH — It was not the first time prosecutor Lisa Pellegrini had been enraged by the sight of the T-shirt with the traffic-sign message: STOP SNITCHING. But this guy was about to wear one into court, with matching baseball cap." "Worse, he …

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Sadly, this isn’t the most offensive use of a religious item I’ve seen.


“The slut is out now. She’s dead.”- Godfrey Deeny, senior fashion critic at Fashion Wire Daily (Thanks, Extreme Catholic)


Abercrombie’s sexy undies ‘slip’ “NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Abercrombie & Fitch, the retailer that has been criticized for sexually and racially provocative catalogs and designs, is under fire — again. Several consumer advocacy groups said they have sent e-mails to A&F to protest the chain’s latest offering of thong underwear in children’s sizes with the …

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