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Beer Geology 101

This is an interesting article about how geological conditions affect the chemistry of beer-making. At first, I thought it might be a joke, since the author’s last name is Maltman.

A Sucker is Born…

….every minute Dehydrated Water You’ve seen it on TV, heard it on the radio, and read it in your local newspapers, “Our Public Water Supply Is Polluted and Dangerous!”

Research Gone Bad

I've been shown this site at least once a year by some Net newbie. It's funny enough to be worth posting, though. Electron Band Structure In Germanium, My Ass "Abstract: The exponential dependence of resistivity on temperature in germanium is found to be a great big lie. My careful theoretical modeling and painstaking experimentation reveal …

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Bud Versus the Volcano?

Sick of Hangovers? Try a ‘Volcanic’ Pill “LONDON (Reuters) – Forget black coffee or fried breakfasts. Salvation for hung-over drinkers may have arrived in an unlikely new form — volcanic rock.”