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Third Catholic Carnival

The third Catholic Carnival is up at Living Catholicism. Hopefully I’ll have something worth submitting for the fourth installment. *sigh* Stupid life, be less busy. 😉

Carnivolley 11/04/04

This week’s Catholic Carnival is hosted at “The Curt Jester”. The theme is the Eucharist. This week’s Christian Carnival is hosted at “King of Fools”.

All Saints Day

Jollyblogger has initiated the Carnival of the Reformation. The motto of the carnival is “Post Tenebras Lux”. That’s Latin for “After the Darkness, Light”. I find it appropriate that it was posted today, All Saints Day. Yesterday was Reformation Sunday. Today, on the feast honoring the saints of the Church, let’s shed light on the …

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Better Late Than Never (Christian Carnival XLI)

“From the Anchor Hold” is hosting this week’s Christian Carnival. Go check it out. 🙂

One Small Step

I’m so psyched. My idea for a Catholic Carnival has become a reality. Endless thanks go to Jay Allen at "Living Catholicism" for getting things going. 🙂 Go check it out!