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Ayn Rand Goes to Hollywood?

So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might be in a screenplay of an Ayn Rand novel. While Rand’s rampant sense of individualism lends itself to Hollywood egos, I’d like to ask Angelina Jolie what Rand would have to say about saving the children in Cambodia and whatnot? I try to think of a connection and …

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I promised I’d write about this a long time ago. Sorry, Jim.  Mea culpa. From The Life and Times: "I am always amazed to find something new and really useful on the internet, and how that changes how we can entertain ourselves. This find is one people should know about. Recently I came across librivox.org …

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Into the Frey

So much for accountability. Frey won’t admit he lied. Oprah won’t admit she was duped, nor that Frey is ultimately responsible, not the publishers (though they are somehwat culpable as well). Larry King won’t admit he’s a has-been and a suck-up.

Book Club Dud

I’ve never thought much of Oprah’s book club, having tried to read one of her horrible recommendations (It was a gift.). It seems her latest “must read” is a load of baloney being passed off as autobiographical. I wonder if she’ll admit she’s been had.

Douglas Gresham on the Jerry Bowyer Program

Fans of C.S. Lewis might enjoy this interview with his stepson, Douglas Gresham, did with WORD-FM talk show host Jerry Bowyer on 11/23/05.