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New and Improved Blogdom of God

Adrian Warnock announced the results of his “major overhaul” of the Blogdom of God. It actually seems to be more a result of some cool changes that have been made to TTLB. Anyhow, the spiffy new feature is a community page, which shows latest BoG postings and the most popular (by links) postings in newspaper …

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Adrian Warnock, says there’s something big coming down the pipe for the Blogdom of God. Stay tuned. Update 06/15/05: Bene Diction seems to be uncomfortable with BoG and suspicious of Adrian’s current efforts. Dave Walker (of The Cartoon Blog) shares his reservations. Am I going soft or are they being just a bit paranoid?

Search Me

Once in a while I post some of the odder search queries that have landed people here. Enjoy the latest batch. 🙂

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Welborn Protocol

Does anybody know the origin of the so-called Welborn Protocol? The concept is simple: all correspondence to an adhering blog is bloggable unless otherwise specified. The history isn’t so simple. I tried Googling for it and found a few references to the concept but found nothing about its origins. Any ideas?

Proper Christian Behavior

More Christians should read the writings of the early Church fathers. Admittedly, I have only begun to do so myself. The first half of the following should be read and reread periodically by all Christian bloggers. "Cultivate quietness in word, quietness in deed, likewise in speech and gait; and avoid impetuous eagerness. For then the …

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