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Poor Taste

This reminds me of that tacky calendar I blogged about some time back. Why do people insist of being so vulgar? Is it blaspemy? I don't know. Is it rude, crude, and in poor taste? Definitely. Artist Convicted of 'Blasphemy' "WARSAW (Reuters) – A Polish artist who exhibited an image of a man's penis attached …

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Religious Porn?

This is tasteless and offensive. Naked Madonnas outrage Rome APRIL features a bare-breasted Virgin Mary in high heels, with arms outstretched to reveal bleeding palms like the wounds of Christ on the cross. SeptemberÂ’s Virgin Mary is suckling a child, while March depicts a raven-haired nude washing a womanÂ’s toes in a pose evocative of …

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Cathedral Ruination

This cathedral’s so-called “renovation” is an abomination. On top of the that, the archbishop who authorized it is downright insubordinate and disrespectful of the Vatican’s authority. Weakland’s Cathedral RenovationsModern iconoclasts continue turning artistic treasures into pagan atrocities Last week, Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland began a $4.5 million renovation of the Cathedral of St. John the …

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