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Sacrilege and Medical Science

Fabian of Report from Greater Tokyo has responded to Jerry's stem cell primer. "On the medical science issue, once upon a time, it was considered sacriligious to cut open a human corpse. Early doctors' methods were notoriously unreliable, and early post-mortems were unlikely to either find the exact cause of death or provide immediately useful …

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Taking Sides

So, the bishops of Atlanta, Charlotte and Charleston have joined the ranks of those who refuse Communion to pro-abortion Catholic public figures. Again, I wonder aloud how many are for, against, or on the fence. I’m sure someone in the vast horde of Catholic geeks on the Net has taken the trouble to keep a …

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A question’s been nagging me of late. Has anyone attempted to keep a tally of bishops’ stances on denying communion? I’ve also been curious to know which Christian denominations are firmly and officially pro-life (other than Catholics and Eastern Orthodox).


When I was a kid, cults, particularly satanic ones, were the frequent subject of after-school specials. My generation generally regarded them as we did the warnings about LSD being given out in the guise of candy, that is as parental worrying gone overboard. I’ve conscientiously avoided blogging about the satanic cult phenomenon in Italy until …

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Communication Breakdown

The New American Bible raises banality to an art form. The Good As New Bible is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Lost in Translation A reader send me a link to the following story. By now I am sure many people have seen the story about the “Good as New” Bible translation by a …

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