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Dr. Frankenstein I Presume

Scientists Planning to Make New Form of LifeBy Justin Gillis “Scientists in Rockville are to announce this morning that they plan to create a new form of life in a laboratory dish, a project that raises ethical and safety issues but also promises to illuminate the fundamental mechanics of living organisms.”

Not Shoe Size, But Finger Size Matters

Index Finger Length Can Predict Penis Size: Study "NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – On the heels of a previous report that debunked the notion that a man’s shoe size could be used to estimate the length of his penis, a new study now claims that those with inquiring minds need merely take a gander at …

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Blondes Vanishing?

Blondes Headed for Extinction? UN Agency Demurs “UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – In the end, it seems it was just another dumb blond joke. The World Health Organization, the Geneva-based health arm of the United Nations, insisted on Tuesday that despite the many media reports to the contrary, it had never conducted a study predicting the …

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Arctic pollution causing polar bears to change sex By Charles Arthur Polar bears, Arctic foxes and Inuit peoples are under threat from man-made toxins such as polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs) that build up in the food chain, new research reveals. Environmental and animal groups are calling for a global ban on the production of the chemicals …

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AI Not Just a Toy

I get really tired of people who think AI isn't real science or is just for toys. I also get tired of the AI researchers who work on fluff that perpetuates the stereotypes. Here's an example of AI being used to help "real" scientists. I offer a small caveat, however. I really think AI, as …

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