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I’ve often heard from atheists that the Bible doesn’t stand up to academic scrutiny. If they don’t trust the Bible, I imagine they wouldn’t waste their time discrediting the Book of Mormon. DNA evidence casts doubt (duh!) Mormon claims that Israelites emigrated to the Americas 2,600 years ago, with the now-extinct Lamanites and Nephites becoming …

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Sacrilege and Medical Science

Fabian of Report from Greater Tokyo has responded to Jerry's stem cell primer. "On the medical science issue, once upon a time, it was considered sacriligious to cut open a human corpse. Early doctors' methods were notoriously unreliable, and early post-mortems were unlikely to either find the exact cause of death or provide immediately useful …

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Oh Brother, More Stuff on Stem Cells

[It’s finally here – the diabetes and stem cells primer from Jerry Nora that I promised. 🙂 For those reading my blog for the first time, I decided I ought to explain who Jerry Nora is. Aside from being a good friend, he’s also a MD/PhD student with a knack for bioethics who is and …

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Join Us

UK Seeks Global Support for Stem Cell Research Although member nations would not be compelled to sign up to it, the Royal Society argues a treaty banning all forms of human cloning would place a major obstacle in the way of stem cell research which could provide new treatments for diseases including diabetes, Parkinson’s and …

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The Spam Gene

The Human Genome Project may end up helping in the fight against spam. On a related note, a new spam firewall has been developed. (Thanks, Slashdot)