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Tempus Fugit

If only I had more time to blog. Between class, research, RCIA, choir, and spending time with my wife, I can’t spend nearly as much time writing as I would like. I’ve been trying to cut back on blogging so as to not neglect my wife, so I try to pick one big topic to …

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Saved Since Birth?

The following were posted to a Yahoo! group I belong to. Issues discussed include infant baptism and assurance of salvation, so I’m sure at least the Catholic apologists’ ears will be pricked. 😉 Please respond with comments. I’ll pass them along to the group.

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Communication Breakdown

The New American Bible raises banality to an art form. The Good As New Bible is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Lost in Translation A reader send me a link to the following story. By now I am sure many people have seen the story about the “Good as New” Bible translation by a …

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