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A Humble Example

The following lyrics and unattached music received an honorable mention in a carol writing competition for the Amadeus Choir near Toronto, Canada. (If someone wants the music, please email FD to let me know where to email the .pdf. If performed, I request that you let me know the performance date and location.)

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Finally, I've Won Something

I’ve been randomly selected to receive a free copy of an ESV Bible. 🙂 I’ll likely be posting short reviews of it from time to time. If I like it, I’ll push for a version with the deutercanonical books included. BTW, here’s Adrian’s ESV meta-post.

"I'd Like to Thank…"

I wasn’t nominated for an Evangelical or Catholic Blog Award. I was bummed (but it was probably better for my ego). My hard work and slavish devotion to my readers has finally paid off, though. Adrian Warnock has awarded me one of this week’s Warnies. 🙂 I’ve added the Warnie Awards aggregator and blogroll to …

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Blog Awards

Voting for the Catholic Blog Awards is open until Friday, February 11 at Noon EST. Go vote! The voting for the Evangelical Blog Awards is over. Go check out the winners! (BTW, anyone else think the voting period was awfully short?)

2005 Catholic Blog Awards

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2005 Catholic Blog Awards. Be sure to nominate me your favorite Catholic bloggers.