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Y'all Sound Stupid

I hate Southern drawls and, it would seem, so do speech recognition and natural language processing programs. Southern drawls don’t compute “SHREVEPORT, La. – Southern drawls have thwarted voice recognition equipment used by the Shreveport Police Department to route non-emergency calls.”

The Bush Doctrine

Again, I’ve found the Economist to provide a useful prospective on my own country, in this case with their examination of the “new “Bush defense doctrine in both an article and an op-ed on the realities behind the much-critique doctrine of preemptive action. The Bush administration has gotten better at explaining itself, especially with Iraq …

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HAL the Healer

This story is of particular interest to me because Alzheimer’s runs through my family. I pray that it doesn’t hit me and bring a fate worse than death. AI to Assist Alzheimer’s Patients Researchers in artificial intelligence today are beginning a race to offset an epidemic of age-related memory loss. Barring a cure, 14 million …

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Bang Your Head

Guns, Zeppelin Top Greatest Metal Albums List “LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – This is one “greatest albums” list The Beatles did not make. “

Japan Learns What US Hasn't

The Japanese have applied Amdahl’s law to their supercomputers. Amdahl’s law is a computer-specific version of “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Customized supercomputer wins speed race “LIVERMORE, California (AP) — U.S. supercomputers have been the world’s most powerful since the first high-performance machines analyzed virtual nuclear blasts, climate change and …

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