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Your Band Sucks

Wow. This site is hilarious! The language gets a little rough at times, but it’s worth it in my book. Go here to see just about every lame, dorky, poser band ever to take a promotional photo. Rock and Roll Confidential

Cathedral Ruination

This cathedral’s so-called “renovation” is an abomination. On top of the that, the archbishop who authorized it is downright insubordinate and disrespectful of the Vatican’s authority. Weakland’s Cathedral RenovationsModern iconoclasts continue turning artistic treasures into pagan atrocities Last week, Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland began a $4.5 million renovation of the Cathedral of St. John the …

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Jackie Chan Meets Stick Man

These Flash movies are awesome! It’s like watching Jackie Chan as a stick figure. The fights are choreographed as well as those in movies! The official site is here, but it always seems to be busy. This following site has copies. Xiao Xiao Fight Movies

User Friendly

Every once in a while I need to plug my favorite comic strip User Friendly. Head on over there and succumb to productivity virus. Then drop on by the Undernet IRC channel #userfriendly. Then hop on over to http://www.iamevil.net to see what some of us goofy people look like. 🙂

Deja Vu

Doctor Fun: The Internet Auteur