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Another Breath of Fresh Air

Here’s another imaginative solution to man-made air polution. “Using technology already available for self-cleaning windows and bathroom tiles, scientists hope to paint up cities with materials that dissolve and wash away pollutants when exposed to sun and rain.” …. “This is the idea: UV rays hitting the titanium dioxide trigger a catalytic reaction that destroys …

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This Old Church

It seems there may be some good news for St. Nicholas. It may become a national shrine or cultural center for the Croatian community.

Beautiful Church Closes

Every Holy Thursday, one or more of the Pittsburgh Oratorians takes people on a tour of seven churches for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Occasionally listed among those seven churches has been St. Nicholas on the North Side (not to be confused with its sister church, St. Nicholas in Millvale). As I recall (It’s been …

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Engaged Encounter Part I: House of God?

From the 10th through the 12th, my fiance and I participated in the Diocese of Pittsburgh‘s Catholic Engaged Encounter. We weren’t able to take the night classes downtown, so the retreat was our only option for satisfying the diocese requirements. I’d heard a range of appraisals of the experience, from "Eh – nothing special" to …

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Signs and Ceremonies

I just finished reading Teaching Truths by Signs and Ceremonies or The Church, Its Rites and Services Explained for the People by Rev. Jas. L. Meagher (1882, New York: Russel Brothers). I acquired a second edition copy from my grandfather’s estate in 1998. He was one of the very few Catholics in my family. It’s …

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