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The Squinting Eyes of Faith

Wow. This message from a former Christian provides a lot of food for thought. It’s far too long to adequately excerpt it here, but I’ll give you this snippet to whet your appetites. "Finding Christianity’s truth began to appear to me more like having to tilt your head and squint and stand back far enough, …

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Carnivals 02/18/05

I’m a little late posting this, but here’s this week’s carnival roundup. The 57th Christian Carnival is up at Wittenburg Gate. Vox Apologia 5 is also at WG. The theme is “Three Governments: Family, Civil, and Church”. The 17th Catholic Carnival is up at Living Catholicism. The post hoc theme is “Spiritual Nourishment During Lent”.

The Not-So-Good News?

Adian Warnock has been taking some heat for his wife’s "simple gospel". I think he thinks I’m one of the people giving him flack. Honestly, I’m not. I read his post too quickly and then foolishly blogged based on a misconception. In my rush to catch up on the blogosphere, I didn’t notice he was …

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Carnivals 02/09/05

The 4th Vox Apologia is up at firstpete315. The theme is the question “What happens to those who have never heard the Gospel?”. The 16th Catholic Carnival is up at Doxology. The theme is Lent. The 56th Christian Carnival is up at Dunmoose the Ageless. The post hoc theme is a tour of a virtual …

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A Turning Round

Here are some good conversion stories I’ve found. From Lutheran to Catholic Coming Home [A former Methodist minister] Better Late Than Never [A 93-year-old Methodist] On a related note: Why Tom Casey Loves the Catholic Church