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Gone to the Dogs

Ordination of actively homosexual priests is wrong, but at least it’s an issue that intelligent individuals can debate rationally. Having regular pet attendance at communion, however, is absolutely ridiculous. I wonder how widely this practice is considered acceptable by the Anglican hierarchy. Houses of Worship Are Reaching Out To a Flock of Pets Purr Box …

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The Narrow Gate

It seems many of the world’s Anglican nations have their heads screwed on straighter than America’s. Since it seems the bad guys are unlikely to shape up or ship ship out, I’ll just pray the good guys join either the Catholic Church or the Eastern Orthodox Church. Anglican Leaders Applaud Primates for Bold Stand Against …

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I sympathize with this group well. Sadly, the Roman Catholic Church may someday need their services. Conservative Group Amplifies Voice of Protestant Orthodoxy By LAURIE GOODSTEIN and DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK Published: May 22, 2004 “As Presbyterians prepare to gather for their General Assembly in Richmond, Va., next month, a band of determined conservatives is advancing …

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As the Anglican World Turns

Just when I thought things couldn’t get wackier… Gay bishop sanctioned for marrying partner Saturday, May 8, 2004 Posted: 9:52 AM EDT (1352 GMT) “SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) — The Episcopal Diocese of California has sanctioned a retired bishop for marrying his same-sex partner during a church ceremony in San Francisco, according to a published …

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Cool Anglican

This is a pretty cool blog written by a high church Anglican. It’s good to see the breed hasn’t died out. Now if they’d just convert… 😉 Pontifications Update 2007: Al “Pontificator” Kimmel” swam the Tiber a couple years ago. 🙂