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Sola Scriptura Prava Est

“…sola scriptura is heretical and destructive to the life and mission of the Church.” – Pontificator This guy is one cool Protestant. 😉

Idiot Box

Churches Go Commercial To Spread Their Message TV Campaigns Bring Denominations to Homes By Alan Cooperman, Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, July 11, 2004; Page A01 "What burst into the Cleveland marketing executive's head that night in January 2002, however, was not a message from the Almighty. It was a slogan for a television advertising …

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Communication Breakdown

The New American Bible raises banality to an art form. The Good As New Bible is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Lost in Translation A reader send me a link to the following story. By now I am sure many people have seen the story about the “Good as New” Bible translation by a …

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Priestesses in the Church?

The aforementioned comments discussion at GetReligion is becoming a battle between those for and against women priests, or at least allowing them as a solution to the priest scandal. *rolls eyes* I'm with this guy: Perhaps I'm obtuse, but I'm having trouble seeing a connection between priests who participate in deviant sexual practices and the …

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In, But Not Of

Scripture tells us to be in the world but not of it. Obviously somebody forgot to tell the Anglicans. The implication of these actions is that if it’s legal in man’s law, it should be legal in God’s law. "It has the state’s blessing. Why shouldn’t it have ours?" Oy. I bet this kind of …

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