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Read the Bills Amendment

The following text is borrowed from Downsize DC, and I agree with it. I’d like to add to it, though. Let’s make it a constitutional amendment! Downsize DC suggests an amendment as a response to a court challenge of the act. I say skip the BS and go straight for the good stuff. What do […]

Liberty, Law, and Civil Rights

Recently the Republican nominee for one of Kentucky’s senate seat, Rand Paul, dared to question the 1964 passing of the Civil Rights Act (or did he?). This instantly made him a Very Bad Person™ in the eyes of progressives (not that having Ron Paul for a father is winning many popularity contests). Paul seemed to […]

Microsoft is Doubleplus Good

Great, now not only will the Feds have invasive computer technology, it’ll be annoying and buggy, too. Paperclip: “You’re committing a thoughtcrime. Are you sure you want to continue? I can dial the Thought Police for you if you like.” Microsoft hires national security honcho By Lisa M. Bowman “Hoping to play a larger role …

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A Tale of Two Editorials

Believe it or not, these op-eds are about the same topic. The difference is Ann Coulter is a raving lunatic. My roommate, Jerry had this to say: “That first op-ed was pretty good. It’s amazing how he’s been reworking himself. From liberator of Kuwait and the intelligent, ethical [veep] of Clinton, to this ranting populist …

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Addicting Game

This game is really cool, but kinda tough. Enjoy. 🙂 Alien Hominid