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The Church in the Modern World

There’s been much talk lately of what the Church should do and/or change – according to American Catholics. It’s driving me nuts. First off, I wish Americans would get over their own self-importance. There are lots on non-American Catholics throughout the world. Secondly, the Church is not run by popular opinion. The Church seeks to …

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Politicizing Terri

“And those of us who read liberal blogs also know that this grandstanding by the congress is a purely political move designed to appease the religious right and that the legal maneuverings being employed would be anathema to any true small government conservative.” – Hullabaloo Since when does someone have to be a conservative Republican …

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Life of the Party

There’s a glimmer of hope that there might soon be room for pro-life candidates in the Democratic Party. Democrats at a Crossroads Over Abortion, Activists Won’t Compromise Putting ‘Life’ Back Into the Democratic Party As a fringe benefit, rabidly pro-choice members and supporters of the party might go Green – a boost for “third party” …

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Planned Barrenhood

With help from the incomparable Dawn Eden, Joe Carter of the Evangelical Outpost has posted Ten Reasons to Despise Planned Parenthood. JivinJehoshaphat says, “10 reasons? We can think of more than that“.

Abortion as Contraception

The Washington Post reports that more women are eschewing birth control. Several possible causes for this trend are offered. I have another. Perhaps more women are avoiding prophylactics because of nasty side effects or other unpleasantness and because there is increasing acceptance of abortion as "last chance" birth control. Of course, I’m just speculating since …

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