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Keep It In Your Pants

Are there any people with self-control and restraint left? College ‘Sexfest’ Irks State Lawmaker Mr. Marshall recently asked to meet with James Madison University President Linwood Rose, whose students last month held a so-called “SexFest” that included a demonstration of how to put on a condom. Mr. Marshall also filed a Freedom of Information Act …

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Move Over Tim Allen

This rocks! F-15C Eagle Flight Simulator Project

Congress and Technology

What the 2002 election means for techBy Declan McCullagh “Republicans captured control of the U.S. Congress late Tuesday, an unexpected victory that is likely to help technology companies, but could thwart controversial digital copyright legislation next year.”

Soak the Poor

We at the Earth Summit are very concerned about making sure the poor do not breed as much, thus allowing us to maintain our own opulent lifestyle. So drive that BMW SUV, eat your Chilean sea bass, but just be sure to send that check to Zero Population Growth on time to maintain your positive …

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We Actually Won a Case?!?

Nurse fired over ‘morning-after’ pill wins case A federal jury ordered a Riverside County public health clinic to pay $47,000 to a nurse who was fired for refusing to dispense ”morning-after” contraceptives. The nurse, Michelle Diaz, said that dispensing the pills would violate her religious beliefs. The jury found that the clinic had violated her …

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