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By the Skin of His Teeth

US police probe ‘toothpaste jailbreak’ "US police are searching for an escaped prisoner who apparently cut through a wire mesh fence using toothpaste and dental floss."

Bad Kitty

Anyone who owns an outdoor cat knows they love to hunt. Unfortunately, owners don’t particularly enjoy cleaning up after the kills. These geeky owners found a solution. The Flo Control Project

Cleaning House

I think the most important line in this article is the following. "Even if the figure were higher, it would still likely represent less than half of 1 percent of the 46,075 priests in the United States." AP: 177 Priests Removed in 28 States

Segue into Segway

Maybe these things aren’t useless after all. High-tech scooter to debut on Atlanta streets "Three Atlanta, Georgia, organizations are the first to buy a fleet of Segways, electric one-person scooters that caused a frenzy when unveiled in December."

More M$

The Microsoft monopoly that really matters "Ordinary people don’t pay too much attention to software-development tools. And this is just the way Microsoft likes it. Why? Because while the world argues, debates, and even sues over Microsoft’s dominance over things like Web browsers and operating systems, it’s able to quietly control the hearts, minds, and …

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