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My Computer Ate My Blog

Arrrrrrrrrgh! Due to a computer glitch, all of the old posts will appear as though they were all made yesterday. !@#$%^!

Too Close To Call?

In Pa. Governor's Race, A Democratic Divide It's a close race for the Democratic candidacy for the upcoming gubernatorial election in Pennsylvania. As a former resident of the Philly suburbs, I have a soft spot in my heart for Ed Rendell. On the other hand, he's pro-choice and a Gore supporter *shudder*. Casey's father was …

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Inaugural Entry

I really haven't the foggiest what the weblog craze is all about. I figured I could understand it best by creating a blog myself. I tend to be kinda allergic to hosting services and portals, such as Blogger, but I don't have cgi execution rights on my school's web server, so this page is home-rolled …

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