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Being Funky Dung

If you haven't seen Being John Malcovich, this won't be funny. (Thanks, AmbiviBlog)

Big Red Button

Do not press the big red button.

Set Rumsfeld Machine to Stun

Or should it be "shock and awe"? Anyhow, I couldn't resist posting this great quote from Tales From the Teapot. 🙂 "The Rumsfeld machine is on the move again and is set to spin cycle with added sound byte softener and super-duper-Rummy-dummy biological action to ensure that all previous ingrained stains from the blood of …

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Silliness Abounds

Here's a photo spread that'll give you nightmares: Bill Gates posing for Teen Beat in 1983. Here's a new JibJab video that'll make you giggle: Second Term. On a side note, it must be nice to have a widely read geek publications singing your praises whenever you release a new short. This one just makes …

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Dreadful Cthulumas

UserFriendly seems to have hit the nail on the head regarding the origins of secular winter celebrations.