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Idiots On The Road

The Steelers just won the Superbowl, which means parties are over, the bars are emptying, people are going home, and there are countless idiots driving around the city honking like it's going out of style. Making matters worse are the groups of drunken college students staggering in and out of the streets with less appreciation …

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Another Reason to Hate Country Music

This is freakin’ hilarious. "This is the greatest collection of Al-Qaeda crooners ever assembled — almost 2 hours of the most memorable country music titles all on indelible hi-fidelity audio — featuring 13 huge hits, from the caves of Pakistan to the ‘private studios’ of Guantanamo Bay, including 10 Top 10 country smashes, duets with …

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Dean Gray Tuesday…er…Wednesday

I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, so I’ll tell folks about it now. Actually, I’ll let BoingBoing explain. Today is Dean Gray Tuesday, a net-wide day of protest over Warner Brothers attempt to censor a stupendous noncommercial mashup album called American Edit that remixes Green Day’s album American Idiot. For today, websites across …

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Veterans Day

and still the dark stain spreads between his shoulder blades a mute reminder of the poppy fields and graves and when the fight was over we spent what they had made but in the bottom of our hearts we felt the final cut

Reporting Tragedies, Raising Awareness, and Helping People

I got an interesting email from the American Progress Action Fund regarding news reports of tragic events, like the devastation wrought by Katrina. "Like many of you, for the past 48 hours we have been glued to our computers and televisions, watching this tragedy unfold. We applaud the efforts of our news media, in particular …

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