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I can speak from personal experience about the addictive power of pornography, but I never knew it could be this bad. Television censors and the MPAA should take note of this. Only 7, and he’s addicted to porn “KAOHSIUNG – A seven-year-old Taiwanese boy is getting expert help for his porn addiction.”

"It's Feminine Hygiene!"

“Let’s give those ads we see a hysterectomy, or at least make ’em more damn appealing!” – Feminine Hygiene Song Amen, Vietnam! No condom adverts please – we’re eating HANOI (Reuters) – Vietnam has banned television and radio from airing advertisements for condoms, sanitary pads and other products at dinner time. Advertisements for such products …

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Global Village Idiocy

A Liberal Slant to the News? by Nat Hentoff In my experience, the two groups most acutely sensitive to criticism are cops and journalists. During the Giuliani years, fear of retribution was so great that some New Yorkers were hesitant to ask a cop for his or her badge number. As for journalists, Bernard Goldberg’s …

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A New Net for Fishers of Men

I give you John Paul II: Poet, philosopher, theologian, bane of Communism, world leader, web-surfer. MESSAGE OF THE HOLY FATHER FOR THE 36th WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY