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Militant Secular Fundamentalism?

Today The Revealer points to this review over at Reason Online, wherein Chris Lehmann, of New York Magazine, has little nice to say about The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason, by Sam Harris. It would seem Mr. Harris possesses an unusually single-minded (dogmatic?) devotion to casting all religious thought in …

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Ghost in the Machine

Today, The Revealer points to this article over at the Guardian where Oxford scientists have received substantial funding to search for the "ghost in the machine." The machine in this case is us. The scientists will apply a chilli-based gel to the skin of volunteers and ask them to try different strategies to lessen the …

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Abortion: Round 1,523,361

I’ve been engaged in a knock-down-drag-out on the subject over The Anti-Manicheist. He’s a good centrist Christian blogger who is (in my opinion) just a bit too accommodating on Seamless Garment of Life issues. I’d encourage interested readers to head over and help me out, or… club me over the (virtual) head, as the case …

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What Are His Options?

A fellow Pantagruelist, an RCC-sympathizer seeking to marry an RC woman, asks What are my options? Anthony complains… We don't live together, we don't fornicate, we view artificial birth control as a sin and believe marriage is an irreversible commitment. I would think the Church would jump at the chance to marry us, since it …

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The Lilies Guild

What do love forlorn, teen pregnancy, drowning one’s sorrows in a shotglass, and Deity’s identity crisis have in common? They’re all subjects tackled by the internet’s newest wannabe proliferators of indie folk-rock: The Guilded Lilies. Or maybe it was the subject matter that tackled them… At any rate, as our friend Smedley says, head on …

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