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  1. Is Wal-Mart Really to Blame? — 14 comments
  2. Walmart, Unions, and Un-Fair Labor Practices — 13 comments
  3. Hiding From Big Brother — 7 comments

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Hiding From Big Brother

I recently read an article in Baseline talking about how workers in the UK are up in arms about being tracked by RFID tags in whorehouseswarehouses: "The fear? The stated fear is they'll be tracked every time they take a break or head for the rest room. The unstated fear: Every movement becomes trackable. Employers, …

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Is Wal-Mart Really to Blame?

I’d like to respond to some of Howard’s and Steve’s comments to my previous article, so I’ll take them in turn. Unfortunately, I’m so darn long-winded that it’s too big for a simple comment post, so its taken the form of an article: Costco’s competition with Walmart Howard speaks of how Costco effectively competes with …

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Walmart, Unions, and Un-Fair Labor Practices

[The other day I was mildly annoyed by an email I got from Care2 asking me to sign a petition against Wal-Mart. Coincidentally, I recently had a conversation with a good buddy of mine about Wal-Mart, unions, and related topics. WhenI got the Care2 email, I forwarded it it to him and asked if he’d …

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Glowing Caffeinated Beer!

I’m not one to promote new products, but this one is just to cool to let slip by… Okay, so you like beer….and you like caffeine. Maybe you’ve heard of caffeinated beer, maybe that’s old stuff to you, but ThinkGeek has a new product: *GLOWING* caffeinated beer, a must have for any beer drinker! Glowing …

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Build your very own cruise missile?

Want to prove you can build a cruise missile out of household products without sending up red flags to the government? This guy does… Make your own cruise missile