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"Non-Controversial Human Embryonic Stem Cells…And a Bridge in Brooklyn"

Well well, what have we here, a Washington Post article on possible non-controversial human embryonic stem cell (hESC) sources. Let’s see what they are:

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An Exchange on Cloning

[For the uninitiated: Theomorph is an atheist lexivore and Jerry Nora is a Catholic MD/PhD student with penchant for bioethics. – Funky] A week ago, Theomorph posted some thoughts about cloning on his blog. Below I have the questions that he poses in bold and his own answers in italic, and my own counterpoints are …

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Devices on Standby and The Electric Bill of a Thousand Cuts…

I had just read a Smedley Log entry on home energy conservation when I saw today this article in the Post Gazette, which discusses “energy leaks” in many modern appliances:

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"Go and teach all nations…"

Benedict XVI made praying for missionaries a particular focus for the month of May. By way of Katolik Shinja (one of my favorite blogs), I found this novena to the Holy Spirit, which is traditionally started on the Feast of the Ascension (today), and leads up to Pentecost. I plan on saying this novena with …

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Stem Cell Research: Myths and Realities

This post is a supplement to Funky’s call for clarity in the stem cell debate. It was originally published in The Catholic Anchor, a student-run newspaper/magazine sponsored by the Ryan Catholic Newman Center. Over the past five years, the embryonic stem cell debate has haunted politicians and voters alike, and it has not grown any …

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