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Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 Trolling Session Slides

Having seen a couple Podcamp Pittsburgh veterans post their session slides, I decided to share mine as well. Not all of them stand well on their own. Oh well. I’ll post the video once it’s been edited and posted (which could take quite a while). The Trouble With Trolls: Sources and Solutions View more presentations …

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Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 Trolling Session References

I helped present a Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 session on dealing with internet trolls. I haven’t decided whether I should share the slides we used (is that SOP for podcamps?). However, I’m more than happy to share my reference list. Enjoy. 🙂 Troll Sources Troll [definition] ( What is a troll? ( Happy Trolls ( Our …

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Fr. Beavis and Fr. Butt-head?

Explanation here.

My First Bow Tie

“To its devotees the bow tie suggests iconoclasm of an Old World sort, a fusty adherence to a contrarian point of view. The bow tie hints at intellectualism, real or feigned, and sometimes suggests technical acumen, perhaps because it is so hard to tie. Bow ties are worn by magicians, country doctors, lawyers and professors …

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Standing Today, Walking Tomorrow?