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School Choice Is Winning

The following episode of the Cato Daily Podcast is presented for your consideration and comments. School Choice Is Winning “The number of states with zero school choice options gets smaller every year. Bob Bowdon of Choice Media evaluates the state of educational freedom for children in the United States.” As an advocate of parental choice … Continue reading »

Oops, I Did It Again

I almost called this post “Nebby Does Pittsburgh”, since it’s a sequel to the previous post “A Beautiful Day in the Nebby-hood“, but I wasn’t sure if everyone would get the reference. You see, for the second time this week a judgmental driver questioned my parenting. The setup was the similar on Wednesday. I was … Continue reading »

A Beautiful Day in the Nebby-hood

neb·by adjective \ˈnebē, -bi\ dialectal :  rudely inquisitive Ever see the episode of Seinfeld in which George thinks of a clever comeback well after an insulting encounter with a coworker? That’s how I felt yesterday morning when someone rudely questioned my parenting. It was a Sunday, and I was on my way to my church … Continue reading »

Trespasses of the Father

“Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…” I pray those words of the Our Father at every mass I attend, every time I pray the Rosary (infrequent though that is), when I remember to pray the Divine Office, and every night when I join my children in bedtime prayers.  Put in … Continue reading »

A Defense of (Some) Common Core Math

OK, this isn’t really a defense of Common Core math – at least not all of it. It’s really just a defense of my interpretation of one particular homework problem. However, I believe there are implications for Common Core math in general. Odds are good that you’ve already seen this image spreading virally on Facebook … Continue reading »