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Ad (Non)Sense

[I’m a big fan of giving a voice to those who lack a forum, so here’s another piece by Shaun Pierce. In response to an ad in The Pittsburgh Catholic opposing single-issue voting, he wrote the following. – Funky] Strangling Ourselves By Shaun Pierce Is anyone steering the Catholic ship? Or are we all dancing …

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Civic Duty

[In response to Bishop Wuerl's weak stance against pro-choice "Catholic" politicians, Shaun Pierce wrote the following letter. He has yet to receive a reply. – Funky]

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State Investment in Marriage

The government intervenes and regulates those aspects of human life that have a some bearing on the common good, and which may be made subject to state power (the amount of rainfall profoundly affects the common good, but it isn’t subject to state power). Interstate commerce, for example, is a critical part of our national …

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