Feb 01

Several Sci-Fi Books Looking for a Good Home

I recently advertised some DVDs I’m giving away (which are still available). Here are the books I’m giving away. Let me know if you want any, and I’ll set them aside before taking the rest to Goodwill.

  • the first 30+ Star Trek: The Next Generation novels, various authors
  • a few Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novels, various authors
  • Wyrms, Orson Scott Card
  • The Windhover Tapes: An Image of Voices, Warren Norwood
  • The Seventh Omni Book of Science Fiction, various authors
  • Retief in the Ruins, Keith Laumer
  • Time of the Great Freeze, Robert Silverberg
  • The Veils of Azlaroc, Fred Saberhagen
  • Circuit Breaker, Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • Another Part of the Galaxy, various authors
  • In the Bone: The Best Science Fiction of Gordon R. Dickson
  • Star Surgeon, Alan E. Nourse
  • Wing Commander: Freedom Flight, Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon
  • Robot City, Book 3: Cyborg, William F. Wu
  • Battlestar Galactica 2: The Cyclon Death Machine, Glen A. Larson and Robert Thurston
  • Slipt, Alan Dean Foster
  • Of Men and Galaxies, Fred Hoyle
  • Out of the Sun, Ben Bova
  • The R-Master, Gordon R. Dickson
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