Welcome to my new blog home. I blogged for a long time (about 6 years) Ales Rarus, covering all the topics unfit for polite company and then some. I felt the need to start fresh, so I created two blogs at, one for political rants and the other for stuff about fatherhood. The latter I wrote under a pseudonym in order to make it harder to google my kids’ whole lives. Maintaining separate identities, Twitter accounts, etc. became quite a barrier to frequent posting, as did the limited customization options (plugins, etc.).

So, I’ve decided to maintain a self-hosted blog again – two, actually. I’ve imported Strike the Root! and Amazing Pudding into WordPress MU. I’m thinking of adding a running/weight loss blog, but that would require finding time to run. 😉 Anyhow, there’s still a lot of tidying up to do, so please be patient. 🙂

Oh, in case you’re wondering, I haven’t decided how private to be on my daddy blog. Public names and photos don’t bother Burgh Baby, so maybe they shouldn’t bother me. Stay tuned.