96% of Ordinary People Know That Modern Art is Crap and Artists Are Pompous Narcissists

Belgian art lovers are shocked – shocked! – that 96% of passers-by on a busy street didn’t take much notice give much thought to a work of art by famous Belgian artist Luc Tuymans. (Fedora tip: BoingBoing)

“People enjoy Tuymans’ work in art galleries and museums all around the world – people who love art, that is…people who are already interested and know they are looking at art. But what would happen if we took away that context?”

What happened is that the vast majority of people took it for what it is: abstract, unappealing nonsense. In other words, it registered as visual noise. If you need a special artistic setting, like a gallery or a museum, for people to know they’re looking at art, it isn’t art (or at least not very good or interesting art).

For another demonstration of what passes for art these days, go to the Carnegie International exhibition. Then again, don’t. It’s a waste of time and money that will bore and confuse you with “sculptures” made of macaroni, action figures, and Christmas ornaments when it’s not disturbing you with low-resolution animation of transsexuals throwing feces at each other.