"This is for the ones standing up to the system"

I interpret the “it” in this song as our republic and the “head cornerstone” as the Constitution.</p

Cornerstone by the Have Nots

This is for the ones standing up to the system
Yeah you know who you are, stay on point with the mission
Look to the left, the right, it all seems the same
Everybody’s pointing fingers in a blame game
And it’s a crying shame theres no change, just strain
It’s like we’re all in such a rush to flush it all down the drain
We gotta take it down brick by brick until we find the head cornerstone
We gotta polish it up ’til it shines like it once shone.

This is for the ones who think the dream can be achieved
And to those who beat the odds and grew up true to their beliefs
Everywhere you turn they try to trip you on your path
Just to end up a statistic or a number in a graph
Take the slow road when the world spins too fast
Stick to your guns and you’ll look back and laugh

This goes out to anyone still standing at the end
With your heads held high by the truths that you defend
You’re born you go to school you get a job and then you die
All the while pay out the ass to support their lie
It’s a wonder more people aren’t wondering why
It’s a wonder we get any time to think at all