Music Making Me Mad

Moments ago I was sitting in my boss’ office waiting for him to finish some math for a paper we’re writing. He’s a big classical music fan and often listens to a local station streamed over the net. As I sat there, effectively alone with my thoughts, I realized something about my feelings toward classical music. I realized that unless a piece fits into the narrow category of styles I like, it drives me nuts. What I mean is that being forced to sit through a classical piece that I find boring or annoying, feel agitated, aggressive, belligerent, impatient, intolerant, and infuriated. So much for the aphorism’s claim that music calms the savage beast. Apparently, most classical music makes me a savage beast.

Now, these feelings aren’t remotely similar to how Rage Against the Machine and other anger anthem bands make me feel. I like how that stuff gets my blood pumping. “Bad” classical music makes me uncomfortable in a way best compared to having to pee really bad, having an unreachable itch, or being forced to stay awake when you’re beyond exhausted. “Get me out of here! Make it stop! Turn it off! Don’t make me turn it off for you!!!” So screams my mind.

Weird, huh?