I promised I’d write about this a long time ago. Sorry, Jim.  Mea culpa. From The Life and Times:

"I am always amazed to find something new and really useful on the internet, and how that changes how we can entertain ourselves. This find is one people should know about. Recently I came across which is a volunteer collaborative project to make audio recordings of books in the public domain. access to these recordings is free. They read from texts of books in the public domain from another great website which has already put 2,000,000 ebooks on line and 17,000 of those are available free. Anyway, back to librivox, some of the recordings are by single readers and some are collaborative efforts with multiple readers. Quality can vary, but some of it is excellent[…]"

"Is anyone out there interested in collaborating and/or coordinating a recording the ‘Lectionary’, the readings common to many christian religions on a three year cycle. The church year begins the first week of advent, so we could start now for a December release of the next cycle. The readings are short, but best with three different voices for each week. We could also do different biblical versions to accomodate different religions or nuances. Perhaps they could be released on a weekly timetable, so it would not be too much work at any one time."

If you are interested, reply to this LibriVox forum post