Idiots On The Road

The Steelers just won the Superbowl, which means parties are over, the bars are emptying, people are going home, and there are countless idiots driving around the city honking like it's going out of style. Making matters worse are the groups of drunken college students staggering in and out of the streets with less appreciation for the fragility of life than usual. The icing on the cake, though, is the snow. There's a thin layer of icy snow on every road in Oakland and Squirrel Hill (and probably elsewhere) making driving a rather hazardous endeavor. Don't tell that to the heros in the SUVs, though. They're invincible. (They're loonies.)

My apartment building is off of one of the steepest roads in the city, Forward Avenue. Every time there's snow, freezing rain, or sleet it becomes a skating rink. That doesn't stop General Patton in his almighty SUV tank. No siree. There ain't no mountain high enough to stop him.


Most of them end up sliding back down. Just tonight, for instance, there was a fender bender caused by fools who thought they could tackle Mount Forward. Idiots. I hope nobody was hurt.

Of course, the drivers aren't the only ones to blame. The city takes a big chunk of that. You'd like to think the ridiculous taxes we pay would buy us decent snow and ice removal. As if. I doubt there'll be any salt on my road before sunrise. We're not on a major city artery, so we're chopped liver. I thought the new 61D bus route would mean better road maintenance. I suppose on weekdays before 10PM it might. It's Sunday, though, and the 61D doesn't run on weekends. So the ice capades continue as folks try to get home.

I don't think Forward will be taken better care of until a major accident happens. Even then, it'll probably take a law suit to overcome political inertia and get something done. Why give a damn about your electorate when your party has effortlessly controlled the city for decades?

*sigh* I should stop ranting and go to bed. I hope everyone, especially my readers, got home safe and sound from their Superbowl parties. Goodnight.

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