Everyone's a Victim

Radio Network Claims It’s Being Bumped for Howard Stern

"The Word Network, an urban religious station featuring programs like ‘Rainbow Push with Jesse Jackson,’ claims that it is being dropped by Sirius Satellite Radio to make room for shock jock Howard Stern."


"Sirius has a ‘duty to find room on their dial for wholesome broadcasting that serves the public interest,’…

The fact of the matter is that satellite radio is losing money. If the Word Network isn’t making Sirius money, why should they be obligated to continue broadcasting it? I’m getting really sick of this entitlement crap and its attendant victims and martyrs. There are Christians in this world facing real persecution. This kind of whining reflects poorly on on Christians and does nothing to help people who really have no voice.

"The Word Network started a letter writing campaign to try to retain its broadcasting place on Sirius Satellite Radio. The campaign has resulted in over 15,000 letters being sent to Sirius calling for ‘more balance to programming,’…"

I wonder how many of those 15,000 people ponied up the $150 per year for the service (plus the cost of the radio).

Anyhow, what do you folks think?