Bedside Meme

I've heard some people say that bloggers who want to "make it big" shouldn't participate in or spread frivolous memes (e.g. quizzes). I happen to think that in moderation memes can be useful tools for learning a little more about the people behind the keyboards. In that spirit, here's my overdue response to a tag from Fr. Jim Tucker of Dappled Things to participate in the bedside meme, in which one lists whatever is atop one's nightstand(s).

clock radio
multi-function remote control
nail clippers
plastic cup
books: The Grassfire Effect, The Farthest Shore, Liturgy of the Hours, Truthful Living, For Better…Forever
legal pads
box of tissues
deodorant spray
misc. junk (pens, change, etc)
change jar
cat brush, comb, and claw clippers

I really don't feel like tagging anyone for this meme. However, if you feel inspired to participate because of this entry, please leave a trackback ping. 🙂