Search Me III

Occasionally I post some of the more interesting search engine queries that bring
people here. Here’s July’s batch.

Mo Cuishla: I’m amazed that this still such a popular search. Perhaps the DVD was released recently. Anyhow, it means “my darling, my blood”.

do you walk to work or carry your lunch: Are these mutually exclusive on your planet?!

last ruling on Catholic Purgatory: I have no idea what ruling is intended or by whom. I do know we still believe in it.

presentation on the life cycle of a serial killer: Replace “serial killer” with “praying mantis” and you have a nature program on PBS.

toga party and catholic: I guess the new pope is wilder than his predecessor. 😉

free turn paper on beneficial side of stem cells: Downloading term papers is plagiarism and grounds for failing most courses or worse. Thinking “term papers” are “turn papers” means you deserve to fail.

I had sex with my gay brother-in-law: Say what now?! How in Heaven’s name did this search lead someone to my blog?

transgender who wants to be a woman and a leg amputee: Um…Eww.

regain virginity surgery: Huh? Somebody failed health class in high school.

transgender leg amputee personal dating: Who are these freaks?!