Keeping an Eye on Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Government

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Open Pittsburgh

The current crisis in Pittsburgh didn’t happen overnight. It’s from more than a decade of bad policy and mismanagement by both the Mayor and City Council. As a result, City residents must now suffer and pay for something which was largely perpetrated behind their backs.

But how could this happen? It’s because there is currently no effective mechanism for city residents to learn for themselves what is really going on inside their government and they have been unable to give their informed consent or hold their public officials accountable.

What can we do about it? The best answer is to pass the proposed Open Government Amendment to the Pittsburgh City Charter, but to do that we must first place it on the November 8, 2005 ballot and that requires collecting over 15,000 signatures from Pittsburghers between June 21st and August 7, 2005.

Learn more about the Pittsburgh City Charter Open Government Amendment.

Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep is aimed at one simple goal: cleaning house in the Pennsylvania General Assembly by defeating every single incumbent officeholder up for re-election in 2006.

The current members of the General Assembly have slapped taxpayers in the face by awarding themselves a huge pay increase. While some members did vote "no" on the increase, it is common knowledge that all votes were pre-arranged to protect vulnerable seats.

Operation Clean Sweep is not a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Constitution or Green Party issue. It’s us vs. them. The governed vs. the government. The taxpayers vs. the tax spenders.

Are you outraged at the recent legislative pay raise? Are you fed up? Are you genuinely ready to make a real change in Pennsylvania? If so, this is your chance to set things straight.

In 2006, all 203 members of the House of Representatives and 25 of our 50 Senators must face re-election. With your help, we can give them all a run for their money by seeking out qualified candidates – in non-partisan fashion – to challenge the incumbents in both the Primary and General elections.

These incumbents are betting you will forget this pay raise before the next election. We’re betting you won’t. Together, we can do more than just get mad – we can get even!

Please, join us now…


…because taxpayers are not sheep!!!


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