John and Charlotte Were Robbed

I'm not a reality TV fan, but there is one show I've watched consistently – Dancing With the Stars. I've done some ballroom dancing (exhibition, not competition) and loved it, so I was hooked pretty quickly. The routines consisted of more flash than footwork, but it was still cool to see ballroom dancing get some publicity. And boy oh boy did it. The ratings have been phenomenal.

Anyhow, tonight was the finale. John and Charlotte were up against Kelly and Alec. J&C have been my favorite couple since the beginning. John has good posture, decent footwork, and superb showmanship. I admire how Kelly's improved over the weeks, but she's still not a very good dancer. She wore bare-essentials (pun intended) outfits and showed off her body rather than good dancing.

And yet she won. I'm in shock. *grrr* I'm not a happy camper.

Great. Now I'm all worked up over people I don't know personally competing for nothing special. It serves me right for biting the poisonous apple of reality TV. *sigh* A pox on all your networks!!!

P.S. Perhaps this had something to do with John's loss.